Vapor intrusion is increasingly the number one driver of response actions in commercial real estate transactions.

How Our Vapor Intrusion Guidance Can Help Protect You and Your Investment

Vieau explains Vapor Intrusion

Vieau Associates has been on the front line of investigating and mitigating vapor intrusion problems for commercial real estate transactions and development, ever since the EPA raised its concerns in the early-2000s.

As a routine course of environmental due diligence, we evaluate the likelihood of volatile chemicals having been spilled, leaked, or disposed on or near the property. If there is a concern, we conduct sampling and testing of soil, soil vapors, and groundwater to determine concentrations of chemical impacts, as well as routes of migration.

If a threat is confirmed, we continue with the necessary pilot testing, design, and installation of a vapor mitigation system. We also serve as your regulatory liaison to secure regulatory approvals and available liability assurances for all eligible stakeholders.

We have designed and installed sub slab depressurization systems (SSDSs) for new construction and configured vapor mitigation systems in old industrial buildings and for a broad range of residential and commercial properties. Our vapor mitigation work has been instrumental in the delisting of Superfund sites and helping dozens of real estate transactions to close and new developments to proceed successfully.

Interested in talking about vapor mitigation?

Our experience in conducting vapor encroachment assessments across the U.S. and working with the most stringent State regulatory programs removes the mystery and ensures the most pragmatic and timely resolution to whatever vapor concerns you may have.

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