Before property is transferred, buyers often want existing tanks removed or replaced.  Many leaks are discovered when tanks are taken out of service. 

Vieau Associates stands ready to assist our clients with the removal, in-place abandonment, or upgrading of underground and aboveground storage tanks.  We can perform site investigations before, during or after a tank system is removed.  We have the means to find old undocumented tanks, and have the know-how and rapid response capabilities to respond appropriately to the unexpected discovery of underground tanks.

Our routine tank installation, removal, and upgrading services consist of:

  • Coordinating with specialty tank contractors
  • Arranging for product and sludge disposal
  • Testing soil and groundwater
  • Remediating contamination
  • Submitting removal reports/changes in status forms to regulatory agencies
  • Preparing applications for reimbursement funds
  • Providing oversight throughout the process