Vieau Associates is totally committed to positioning clients for the strongest possible defense to liability under Superfund, as an innocent landowner, a contiguous property owner, or a bona fide prospective purchaser.

Phase I Environmental Site Assessments

Phase I Environmental Site Assessments are at the heart of Vieau Associates.

Our professionals are always on the front line of industry and regulatory developments affecting the Standards and practices of All Appropriate Inquires (40 CFR Part 312).  We keep front and center with the special requirements of national lending institutions for different types of real estate. We help our clients understand mandatory vs. optional measures, and we do not advocate unnecessary services.

Our strength is in our ability to put findings in their proper perspective and provide strongly supported opinions. We are deliberate in our conclusions, frugal in our recommendations.  We do not make mountains of molehills. 

Phase II Environmental Site Assessments

Phase II investigations are intended to confirm or refute suspect conditions. Sampling and testing strategies can be highly variable, including soil, groundwater, soil vapors and building surfaces or materials. To ensure results are objective and defensible, we adhere to the principles set forth in the ASTM Standard Practice E1903.

Experience You Can Trust

Our Environmental Professionals have the training and experience expected to properly execute technical protocol and appropriately address sensitive issues such as confidentiality, regulatory reporting and risk exposures. Vieau Associates can be relied upon to balance the scope of work with risk tolerance and to achieve results from which informed decisions can be made.

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