“The one exclusive sign of thorough knowledge is the power of teaching.” -Aristotle

The leadership of Vieau Associates, David Vieau and Sean Leary, are two of only a handful of professionals engaged by ASTM as national instructors of the Standards for Phase I and Phase II environmental site assessments. 

Our founder, David Vieau, has been performing environmental site assessments since the introduction of the Innocent Landowner Defense in the Superfund Amendments and Reauthorization Act in 1986. Mr. Vieau was involved with development of the first ASTM Standards for ESAs published in 1993, and helped develop the original ASTM courses in 1994.  He has instructed thousands of environmental professionals, state, tribal and federal officials, and various industry representatives on the use of standards and conduct of environmental site assessments.

Sean Leary, representing the new generation of environmental professionals, has been invited to the ranks of ASTM instructors, recognized as the up and coming influencer and leader in the business of environmental due diligence. 

Formal training on the ASTM Standards for environmental assessments is regularly offered through ASTM Technical and Professional Training www.astm.org.  

Vieau Associates offers a two-day course specifically designed for non-environmental professionals to conduct a Transaction Screen.

Course Description – Transaction Screen Process 

This course will help you understand the purpose of the Transaction Screen and guide the user and preparer through the ASTM Standard. Key components of the course include:

  • How to use the ASTM E1528 Questionnaire and Guide
  • How to properly identify and characterize a property and adjoining land
  • Techniques for conducting interviews
  • Where to find and how to interpret historical records
  • Where to find and how to interpret government records
  • Recognizing the applicability and limitations of the Transaction Screen
  • Triggers for consulting a qualified Environmental Professional

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