Poor air quality can emerge in any building for a variety of reasons. People are increasingly sensitive to mold, bacteria and other indoor air contaminants, which affect each individual differently. Building owners require ready access to knowledgeable professionals who can quickly respond to and troubleshoot air quality conditions and advise on a course of action.

Vieau Associates stays current with the federal and state guidelines that govern the removal of mold and other indoor air contaminants. We also follow regulatory and industry standards when conducting indoor air quality services.

Our indoor air quality services have included:

  • Fungi and bacteria investigations focusing on cause and recommendations to correct fungi issues
  • Collection of bacteria and mold samples: air (spore trap, vacuum or Andersen), tape lift, bulk, wipe or swab
  • Moisture testing of building materials
  • Preparation of fungi and bacteria abatement specifications, and contract administration
  • Abatement contractor oversight and air monitoring
  • Addressing other building issues, such as bed bugs, “Sick Building Syndrome,” “toxic mold” and anthrax
  • Assisting property managers with building maintenance schedules
  • Short-term and long-term radon testing and mitigation systems
  • Testing for ozone, formaldehyde, respirable particles, temperature, humidity, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulfide and sulfur dioxide

Client Work

Vieau Associates helped a plastics manufacturer identify sources of Legionnaires disease affecting employees. Our professionals careful sleuthing of the manufacturing process and sampling for legionella bacteria helped the company’s Health and Safety department establish a specific cleaning process to prevent future occurrences.