Industrial Hygiene is defined by the American Industrial Hygiene Association (AIHA) as “that science and art devoted to the recognition, evaluation, and control of those environmental factors or stresses, arising in or from the work place, which may cause sickness, impaired health and well-being, or significant discomfort and inefficiency among workers or among the citizens of the community.”

Virtually all types, ages and sizes of buildings have the potential to contain hazardous and toxic substances within their structural components. Depending on age and geographic location, building materials and systems may contain asbestos, lead, mercury, PCBs and other regulated substances. As buildings mature and undergo renovations, materials can become damaged and result in health risk exposures. Mold can emerge in virtually any building due to a range of unpredictable, hidden circumstances.

Vieau Associates can help building owners and property managers stay apprised of any questionable building materials or conditions. We sample, test and inventory suspect materials and indoor air quality. We routinely lead the design and oversight of abatement or mitigation measures and help clients establish operations and maintenance procedures to manage regulated materials. We also offer professional assistance with highly sensitive issues involving tenant concerns or transactional negotiations.

Client Work

For nearly a decade, Vieau Associates has been the primary consultant for a major metropolitan hospital having multiple buildings and over 3,000,000 square feet,  managing asbestos and mold abatement and other hazardous building materials in connection with ongoing facilities remodeling and expansion.

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