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Proposed Hotel Development

Circuit board manufacturing facility
Client: Buyer/Developer


Due diligence and voluntary cleanup for acquisition, demolition and new hotel within a highly visible 40-acre redevelopment initiative.


Phase I assessment of a 40-year old, 200,000 S.F. manufacturing plant:

  • Identified spills from solvents, PCBs and petroleum
  • Large-quantity hazardous waste generator compliance violations
  • Chemical and petroleum underground and aboveground storage tanks
  • Corrosive wastewater discharges
  • Ductwork contamination from air emissions and damaged asbestos containing building materials

Completed Phase II investigation, including:

  • Interior sub-slab sampling and exterior soil and groundwater sampling and testing
  • Special inquiry to assess impacts to building surfaces
  • Completed comprehensive asbestos surveys for building demolition
  • Secured all necessary regulatory approvals and liability assurances for the developer
  • Provided all environmental monitoring for demolition and soil remediation
  • The site is now ready for new development