Services Property Condition Assessments

Per ASTM E 2018-08, the objective of a Property Condition Assessment is to visually identify and communicate to the user a subject property’s physical deficiencies, meaning the presence of conspicuous defects or material deferred maintenance of the property’s material systems, components, or equipment, excluding de minimis conditions.

Property Condition Assessments

Property Condition Assessments are an additional core competency of Vieau Associates. 

Vieau Associates is knowledgeable and experienced with respect to the special due diligence requirements of national lending institutions for different types of real estate. The PCA report provides our client with a timely and clear understanding as to the present condition of a building’s observable components and systems in order to address issues of concern, limit liability and maximize returns on investments. In conjunction with the acquisition and refinancing of real estate, our reports can be critical in helping to prioritize and facilitate the management and maintenance of a property. Essential to Vieau Associates is our commitment to due diligence. As professionals, we utilize good commercial and customary practices during our site visits, document review, and reporting in order to develop pragmatic and reasonable recommendations, as well as enable us to defend our opinions. Ultimately, these measures aid our client in making informed decisions.