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Since the 1980s, Dave Vieau, President, has provided education and training for environmental site assessments. Mr. Vieau has authored numerous papers and articles for conference proceedings and industry publications, and he frequently speaks to a wide range of audiences. As an instructor of the ASTM Standards for environmental site assessments, he has taught courses throughout the U.S. and internationally. Mr. Vieau assisted in the enactment of legislation, provided expert testimony, and participated on numerous professional and industry association initiatives.

Mr. Vieau has instructed thousands of environmental professionals, state, tribal and federal officials, and various industry representatives on the use of standards and conduct of environmental site assessments. Few professionals have acquired such a global perspective into the art and science — and business — of environmental due diligence.

Course Description – Transaction Screen Process

Vieau Associates offers a two-day course specifically designed for non-environmental professionals to conduct a Transaction Screen for a property using the ASTM Standard Practice E1528-14 for Limited Environmental Due Diligence: Transaction Screen Process.  The process involves a site visit, owner and occupant interviews, a search of specific government records, and historical land use inquiries.  The course will help you understand the purpose of the Transaction Screen, and guide you through a practical approach to obtaining and interpreting records, performing and documenting observations, and conducting interviews that yield relevant information.  You will gain valuable insight into the advantages of the Transaction Screen process and decision-making criteria.  Key components of the course include:

  • How to use the D1528 Questionnaire and Guide
    • Documentation techniques, ASTM copyright
  • How to properly identify and characterize a property and adjoining land
    • Helpful hints to expedite the process and avoid mistakes and confusion
  • Techniques for conducting interviews
    • Actual vs. Constructive knowledge
  • Where to find and how to interpret historical records
    • Publically available sources, specialized vendors
  • Where to find and how to interpret government records
    • Web-based sources, specialized vendors, radius map reports
  • Recognizing the applicability and limitations of the Transaction Screen
    • Rural, residential, commercial and industrial properties
  • Triggers for consulting a qualified Environmental Professional
    • Save crucial time and avoid unnecessary expenses

This course will be especially valuable to specialized users such as governmental agencies procuring or divesting land, lenders confronted by foreclosures, and real estate professionals seeking a way to control out-of-pocket due diligence costs at critical junctures of major transactions.  Those mastering the Transaction Screen process will enjoy the added value of applying their knowledge of actual and perceived environmental impairment to buyer-seller negotiations.

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Formal training on the ASTM Standards for environmental assessment is regularly offered by ASTM Technical and Professional Training. Vieau Associates is also available to customize a presentation to meet your specific needs.