Clients Who we work with

Vieau Associates serves a broad range of clients to resolve an array of site investigation and environmental due diligence issues. No two projects are alike. We understand that different clients have distinct and individualized objectives. Our professional team is keen on collaboration and on fulfilling the special interests and goals of all parties to a transaction. We respect all stakeholders' positions while keeping our client's needs and objectives front and center.

We understand the connection between environmental risk and credit risk as well as the importance of adapting to current circumstances. Whether our services are requested as part of a purchase, refinance, redevelopment, or foreclosure, our clients look to us for cost effective, exceptional work based on sound judgment.With an experienced geologist and engineers as part of our team, we stand ready to tailor our lender environmental services to your unique project. Our experience with Phase I assessment includes numerous lender specific scopes; We also evaluate for asbestos, lead-based paint, lead in drinking water, radon, mold, vapor intrusion, and designated wetlands.
Based on the principles of due diligence, we provide the necessary liability protection and assure lender acceptability. We also control expenses and add value while understanding your risk tolerance and embracing our role in the negotiation.
We make it our mission to provide baseline assessment data in order to overcome potential obstacles, enhance marketability and facilitate transfer of a property. Realizing the importance of confidentiality, we advocate for seller control of the process.
We react to the fast paced nature of your real estate business and pride ourselves in our ability to resolve potential complications and expedite results. Our flexibility, can-do attitude and reliability will make a positive impact on your strategic approach.
To alleviate needless anxiety, we take an all encompassing approach in order to accomplish project objectives and manage liability exposures. These measures include sampling and investigation, interpretation, mitigation, contingency specification, regulatory communications and liaison and training services.
By partnering with Vieau Associates, you can simplify and ease operations and maintenance, waste management, building condition, and corrective action issues — all while sustaining delicate tenant relations and minimizing alarmist response.
We support your initiatives through joint ventures with investors, developers, regulators and the community, working to spur economic growth and enhance community vitality. Our services range from rapid emergency response to contingency planning for major infrastructure development projects.
Our thorough, sound, professional guidance conforms to industry standards and regulatory requirements. Look to Vieau for reliability and a proven track record of providing expert analysis and innovative solutions.
We delineate specifications for investigation and remediation, provide contract and bidding support and project oversight while remaining cognizant of your goals: risk minimization, comprehensive planning and identification of cost and time constraints.
When investigating environmental exposures, we take care to formulate a prudent strategy. We understand the complexities inherent to your business and pride ourselves in our ability to provide responsible counsel.
We cooperate as a resource and instrument for negotiation, providing litigation support, technical insight, expert testimony and strategy development. Our professionalism, sound judgment and experience yields a credible,  defensible work product.