Services Voluntary Investigation & Cleanup

When contamination is discovered, or a site already known to be contaminated becomes a target for new ownership or occupancy, there is usually a need to engage the regulatory agency to determine next steps and ensure acceptable environmental conditions. Most states have voluntary programs to oversee transaction-driven response actions. This important subset of brownfields work can be performed independent of other remediation work.

Vieau Associates serves as an effective liaison with the regulatory agency in the transition from private assignments to public efforts. This is where voluntary investigation and cleanup services begin.

Our knowledge and experience make the transition as smooth, fast and predictable as possible. Familiarity with regulatory expectations helps all parties establish realistic goals and timelines. The goal is to achieve closure—whether in the form of No Further Action determinations or overcoming hurdles to financing. Throughout the process, we never lose sight of our mission to achieve the client’s objective and bring environmental remediation projects to completion.

Our Voluntary Investigation and Cleanup Services Include:
  • Program enrollment applications, regulatory communications and analysis of proposed actions
  • Site investigation, risk-based site characterization and remedy selection
  • Response action plans, construction bidding assistance and cleanup grant applications
  • Cleanup project management, construction monitoring and documentation to support liability assurances from regulatory agencies
  • Drafting and implementation of activity & use limitations, operation & maintenance plans and continuing obligations plans

For an effective, efficient and expert partner in voluntary site investigation and cleanup, contact Vieau Associates.