Services Financial Assistance Programs

Vieau Associates has enabled clients to secure millions of dollars in cleanup grants and reimbursement funds. We make it our business to stay informed about any and all financial assistance programs that will help our clients achieve project objectives. 

Brownfields projects across the nation are tapping into an increasing array of federal, state and local grant opportunities. These range from due diligence all appropriate inquiries to cleanup and redevelopment. Our detail-oriented approach to the rigorous and competitive application process lifts the burden for applicants. We engage the developer’s multi-disciplinary design and build team for crucial input that improves the project’s prospects for awards. 

We routinely collaborate with clients who wish to apply for grants and programs. For example, projects involving petroleum and dry cleaner chemical releases may be able to capitalize on special state reimbursement funds. We know that certain transactions may trigger different rules with different eligibility requirements. Our knowledge of many financial assistance programs empowers us to position you for maximum benefit.